Small Group

Personal Training

Join a small group of 3-10 people in a high energy personal training customized workout program. Designed to help increase strength, cardio, and increase metabolism for all levels.



Improve flexibility, strength, posture, balance and mind-body awareness, while enjoying a deep sense of calm.



Train one-on-one with a qualified trainer who will work with you achieve your goals, be it fitness or yoga.

Be Inspired and Experience a Healthier Lifestyle.


Providing a holistic approach to fitness that combines both the science and art of wellness in order to help guide clients to their best imaginable health.

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Be Inspired with a Healthier Lifestyle


FLEX Fitness & Yoga offers both classroom and one-on-one training to fit all levels.


Sam Lickteig

Owner & Fitness Technician

I am excited to share a new concept that combines a strength training program and a yoga practice. I enjoy helping our students achieve a greater sense of mind/body awareness on and off the mat.

Get Inspired

If you’re ready for a life change, and want to be challenged. If you are sick of failing, and need a support system, we focus on all aspects of life and better health. Please consider coming to one of our classes.