Small Group

Personal Training

Join a small group of 3-10 people in a high energy personal training customized workout program. Designed to help increase strength, cardio, and increase metabolism for all levels.



Improve flexibility, strength, posture, balance and mind-body awareness, while enjoying a deep sense of calm.



Train one-on-one with a qualified trainer who will work with you achieve your goals, be it fitness or yoga.

Be Inspired and Experience a Healthier Lifestyle.

Small Group Personal Training


Join 3-8 people in a energetic, fun and creative workout experience.
This class is designed to help increase strength, cardio, and increase metabolism for all levels and abilities.  We can customize the program to fit your fitness goals and give you the education you need to see success.  Every week the strength training circuit will have added modifications and variations with an emphasis on body mechanics and weight lose design.

Yoga Classes


Benefits of a Yoga Practice

-Reduce Anxiety and Depression

-Cardiovascular improvements

-Injury prevention and Management

-Flexibility of body and mind

-Mental and Physical Strength


1-1 Personal Training / Stretching

Personal Training – Customized workout plan that best suits your time, ability, and intensity that help you create a better overall lifestyle.  If you want 1-1 time to help set up goals, overcome obstacles, and workout time that fits around your crazy schedule.

Stretching Session – If you feel limited by your flexibility or searching for pain relief this maybe the secret opportunity for you.  Releasing tight muscle tissue can help increase bodily function but also sports performance.  Learn how SMR (Self-Myofascial Release), trigger point therapy, and manual stretching techniques that you can improve overall lifestyle.

A student at ALL levels can create their own physical intensity by choosing offered modifications and variations every practice you attend.

Teachers add different themes and philosophy concepts throughout the class so you have a unique experience every practice.

Be Inspired and Experience a Healthier Lifestyle.